New AI-Powered Teleservices Assistant For BMW Network

AI Assistant is delighted to introduce a Teleservices Assistant that enables BMW retailers to automatically accept teleservices tickets, communicate with customers and book them into the workshop with no human intervention - increasing efficiencies, building customer loyalty and boosting profits.

Our new Teleservices Assistant is the easiest way for BMW retailers to maximise potential work and revenue from BMW Teleservices.

BMW Teleservices is based on direct, wireless communication between customer vehicles and BMW allowing approved Service Partners to access vehicle data quickly and easily - guaranteeing a personalised service for customer vehicles and a quick response in the event of a problem.

When a service is due – or an issue is detected – BMW Teleservices automatically sends all relevant data from the vehicle to BMW. The customer’s preferred dealer can then access the vehicle-related data and contact the customer to arrange a service or repair booking.

BMW Teleservices represents a valuable opportunity for dealers to generate work and profit for their aftersales teams but, in a high-pressured dealership environment, it can often be a challenge for team members to find the required time to log onto relevant systems, accept all relevant tickets and then contact every customer to book them into the workshop.

Teleservices Assistant changes all of that by getting robots to do all of the initial administrative and communication work instead – with no human intervention.

How it works

We are experts in automotive automation. We understand the potential that robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) offer the automotive industry. Teleservices Assistant seamlessly integrates both of these technologies.

RPA robots are software robots that run on computers and mimic the actions a human would take to complete the same task.

The first stage of Teleservices Assistant support uses an RPA robot to securely log in to the manufacturer system to accept any available Teleservices tickets. At the same time the robot will extract all key information required to create a tailored email to the customer such as key contact and vehicle details as well as the nature of the work required.

Once the information gathering step is complete, the robot automatically sends the information into a secure AI-powered email platform which initiates personalised back and forth email conversations with customers.

To the customer it will look like they are receiving friendly, accurate, personalised and timely communications written by a BMW Service Advisor at the dealership when, in actual fact, the whole process is automated – powered by intelligent robots.

The AI system manages all ongoing communications with the customer until they are either booked into the workshop or confirm that they have made alternative arrangements.

A typical AI-powered email campaign consists of multiple communications – an initial email when the ticket is accepted, a follow-up after four days and, if required, a third communication after eight days.

Dealer management teams can track the entire process every step of the way and key personnel will receive automatic notifications as workshop bookings are made.

Tailor made support

A fully flexible solution, Teleservices Assistant can be adapted to fit in with a range of dealer requirements.

If needed, it can focus on undertaking the ticket acceptance and information gathering stage before sending information in required format to named individuals at a call centre for follow-up via telephone.

For those dealers looking to refocus their call centre teams in other areas, the Teleservices Assistant robots can undertake the entire process to deliver maximum cost-savings and process efficiencies.

The solution can also be adapted to integrate with other OEM telematics systems and dealer management systems too – discussions are currently underway to introduce similar telematics automation assistants for several leading manufacturers and their dealer networks.

Automotive automation in action

Nathan Elliott, AI Assistant Director, is excited by the launch and initial impact: “I’m thrilled that we can now offer Teleservices Assistant to the BMW network. We’ve already seen the impact our new solution has made for existing partners and our teams are ready to help others enjoy the same benefits too.

“I’d encourage anyone struggling to maximise the potential of BMW Teleservices to get in touch – we’ve worked hard to create a robust, safe and secure solution that’s quick to deploy and proven to deliver.”

For more information about how Teleservices Assistant can transform productivity and profits at your dealership, email or call us on +44 (0) 1488 757447.

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