Carl Lightfoot joins AI Assistant as CTO to drive adoption of automation in the industry

Carl Lightfoot joins AI Assistant as Chief Technology Officer and a member of its Board of Directors.

AI Assistant has announced the appointment of Carl Lightfoot as its Chief Technology Officer and a member of its Board of Directors, further strengthening its senior team as demand for automation solutions in the automotive industry significantly increases.

Carl is well-known in the industry for his technological expertise and has over 20 years of automotive experience under his belt - having worked with businesses such as Progress, Autino, Castrol BP, Keyloop and recently working with AI Assistant Director, Ritchie Kelk, in Motor Document Solutions, enhancing digital document technology and helping transition the business to Keyloop.

Carl’s knowledge of the industry, strategic mindset and insight into how running automotive businesses really works means that his input into the technological development of AI Assistant solutions will be invaluable.

Carl said: “I firmly believe that any business not embracing AI will be less profitable than those that do. That’s why it’s imperative that we help people to understand the huge benefits that automation can bring to their company, and to show them that this technology is not something that will dehumanise their business. Rather, our technology will give people the ability to better connect with their customers and build more positive and productive relationships.

“I am passionate about the future of our industry and excited about the role that automation will play in that journey. The fact that Ritchie and I are so intrinsically linked to the automotive world, and have such in-depth knowledge of how running an automotive business works on a day-to-day level, means that the decisions we make when developing technology are always focused on making our automotive colleagues’ lives easier. I am delighted to be joining the AI Assistant team and look forward to sharing our cutting-edge technology with more and more businesses across the UK and beyond.” 

Ritchie Kelk, Director of AI Assistant, said: “I have worked with Carl throughout my career and have always admired his open-minded approach to new technologies and his passion for making our industry better. With Carl’s extensive knowledge of how technology needs to work and be implemented within an automotive business, he is perfectly placed to help us navigate the challenging path of encouraging the industry’s adoption of automotive automation.”

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