AI Assistant joins Keyloop Partner Ecosystem to enhance dealer sales and aftersales processes

AI Assistant is set to be the latest certified partner to integrate with the Keyloop DMS – helping more automotive retailers access powerful AI and automation solutions.

Keyloop Partner Ecosystem is on a mission to connect and advance the automotive retail industry. By joining the ecosystem, certified Keyloop partners can improve the functionality of their products by integrating with Keyloop systems for the benefit of automotive market, scale up their businesses, share and manage data seamlessly, and use the Partner Ecosystem to potentially enter into new geographical markets.

Dealer Benefits

From a dealer perspective, it links their Keyloop DMS to third-party suppliers, so they get instant connection instead of software workarounds; reliable data instead of re-keyed and lost numbers; and systems that work with them to drive their business forward.

These range from AI Assistant’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence and automation solutions, through to applications that can support with document management, finance, service and vehicle inventory - helping dealers increase efficiency and deliver truly connected car buying and ownership experiences.

As part of the agreement to join the ecosystem, AI Assistant will complete a robust certification process to:

  • Validate integration methods
  • Test links between systems
  • Pilot the integration with an AI Assistant customer

Once the process is complete, AI Assistant will be officially certified as a Keyloop partner for its AI and automation products.

Industry Leading Collaboration

Commenting on the news, AI Assistant Director, Ritchie Kelk said: “We’re proud to have an agreement like this in place which will give us an even stronger integration across the automotive sector and underpins our ambitious growth plans in 2023 – with the option to explore opportunities with new customers across the world.

“As dealers look for new ways to get more from their existing teams and processes, we look forward to helping even more automotive retailers unlock the potential of AI and automation to increase efficiency, free up their teams and boost profits.”

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